Conversations with the Director

Conversations with the Director are open dialogues on subjects of interest; these are not formal presentations but group explorations. Please join us with questions, thoughts, and ideas to share. All sessions are FREE.

Photography: A Regional History
Michelle Dunn Marsh in conversation with Dr. Liz Brown, independent curator and art historian
Tuesday September 10, 7pm

Topics will include personal connections between photography and the region; Seattle Camera Club; Brown’s forthcoming exhibition of Edward Curtis images at the Rainier Club; and links between the Northwest and the Bay area, and that influence on 20th century photography in the United States

Collecting Photographs
Michelle Dunn Marsh
Tuesday October 8, 7pm

An introductory exploration of the process of acquiring and living with photographs, and the residual values of doing so, featuring the NW Focus benefit exhibition

The Language of Photography
Michelle Dunn Marsh in conversation with Isaac Layman, artist
Tuesday November 5, 7pm

What is a photograph today? What can the word mean, and what do we mean when we attach it to an object, image, capture?

Photography and Materiality
Michelle Dunn Marsh in conversation with With Tod Gangler, artist and printer, and Daniel Gregory, artist.
Tuesday December 3, 7pm

Exploring image and object and various permutations of the physicality of this medium, and why we love it.

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