August 2021 Member Showcase

For this month’s Member Showcase, we are featuring the creative work of Robert Rodriguez-Lawson. Read below to learn more about his photography projects these days.

ROBERT RODRIGUEZ-LAWSON – member since 2018

What are you working on?

My objective over the last few months was to complete a set of 12 prints that reflect how COVID-19 has changed my perspective on my city.

Artist Statement

COVID-19 hit us all like a bomb. In an instant, my city shrank to my neighborhood. I lost inspiration. I spent months walking the same circle. Daily. Without a camera. Without purpose. I was unmoored attempting to navigate this new normal of safety requirements, non-stop news, and nowhere to go. 

I needed to find incremental ways of phasing back into interactions with people and places and to reconnect with making art. Pinholes provided a new approach to photography and helped me to rediscover the city that is waking up from a long, painful sleep. There is an aspect of the unknown using a pinhole camera – it’s just a box. I needed to let go of precision and experiment. The distorted view and the long exposures require a new perspective and a reorientation to a city slowly regained.

See more of Robert’s photography online at:

Thanks again to Robert for his submission to our Member Showcase. If you’re a member of PCNW and would like to share your photographs, we’d love to hear from you. Complete our online form by the 15th of every month and a jury will review your work for consideration. Not a PCNW Member yet? You can join online today!

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