Service Bureau: Digital Printing & Scanning

PCNW offers online printing services through our Digital Lab. This service allows users to e‐mail files directly to our Digital Lab to be printed by our staff.


Monday – Thursday, 12-9pm
Saturday – Sunday, 12-6pm
Friday Closed

How It Works:

Order Process

Turn-around time is three business days. Please submit requests at least three business days in advance to your desired completion date. We will contact you via email when your order is ready. Prints can be picked up at the front desk during business hours or mailed upon request for an additional fee. For shipping rates, please inquire via email when submitting your printing request.

Limit of Liability

Although we are extremely careful in handling all film, prints, digital files and other client originals, PCNW is not liable for any loss or damage that may occur while those materials are in our possession. Clients are responsible for picking up all of their belongings upon completion of the project. PCNW is not responsible for any materials left at our facilities for more than 30 days after completion of  project. 

PCNW does not keep client files beyond the completion of their designated project. By using our services, you are granting PCNW a one-time license to use your digital files. After your project has been completed PCNW will erase all client files from our hard drives and servers. Clients are responsible for maintaining personal backups of files. 

Shipping Policy

PCNW ships nationwide! We do not ship internationally at this time. All orders up to 11×14” will ship in a stay-flat folder, all larger orders may be rolled in a tube or shipped flat. All shipping rates are calculated by weight via USPS Priority Mail. If you have special shipping requests please email us at printing@pcnw.org. After an order has been shipped out a tracking number will be generated and provided to the client via email. PCNW is not responsible for lost or stolen items while in custody of the mail carrier. If any issues arise, please contact us and we will do our best to remediate the issue. 

Printing Services:


If your files are fully edited and sized for printing in either .JPG or .TIF format, then you can use the Ready-to-Print service! 

Custom Printing

PCNW Provided Paper: If you’d like to use the premium papers that PCNW has in stock, then you’ll want to use this service. This service covers minimal edits, resizing trimming, and archival packaging. Scanning, proof prints, and shipping costs are not included. This service will require an email consultation before proceeding.


For the Ready to Print service, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a surface: Glossy, Luster or Matte
  2. Choose a size, see chart below
  3. Choose a quantity
  4. Send an email to printing@pcnw.org with your order details!

For custom printing or other requests not covered in the chart below, email printing@pcnw.org to discuss your individual project needs. We are happy to work with you!

A quote for all work can be generated upon request. Please get in touch! 


PCNW Provided Paper only
($0.10/sq. inch)


Custom Printing 
PCNW Provided Paper
($0.14/sq. inch)

4×6”$2.40 each $3.36 each
5×7”$3.50 each $4.90 each
8.5×11”$9.35 each $13.09 each
11×14”$15.40 each $21.56 each
13×19”$24.70 each $34.58 each
17” roll$0.10/sq. inch $0.14/sq. inch
24” roll$0.10/sq. inch $0.14/sq. inch
44” roll$0.10/sq. inch $0.14/sq. inch

PCNW stocks paper from the following manufacturers: Red River, Arista II, Epson, Hahnemuhle and MOAB. We cannot guarantee the availability of any particular paper but are happy to provide a list of our current stock upon request. Please note that specific paper brand choices are only offered under the Custom Printing PCNW Provided Paper tier.

PCNW prints all orders on any of the following printers: Epson P5000, Epson P9570, or Canon iPF 8300. We cannot guarantee the availability of a particular printer for your job but will make our best effort to honor your request. Please note that specific printer requests are only offered under the Custom Printing PCNW Provided Paper tier.

For any questions, please contact us at printing@pcnw.org


Contact us at printing@pcnw.org