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We are very excited to welcome Gina Rymarcsuk to our Photo Center faculty. Gina brings a refreshing perspective and approach to digital photography alongside many years of experience. With Gina’s arrival we are also introducing a new course, Digital Photography III. In addition to Digital Photography III, Gina will also be teaching a section of Digital Photography I this upcoming Spring quarter. Visit our Classes page to view the course descriptions and sign up! Help us welcome Gina and continue to bring exciting new faculty to the Photo Center.

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Gina Rymarcsuk works in photography and electronic media. Her research is deeply rooted in the study of optical mechanisms, the physics of light and often immersed in the formulaic and procedural study of the photographic process. She investigates the nature of visual illusion, feats of architecture, avian anatomy, aircraft structure and the organization, translation, preservation and degradation of data, mind and matter. This work is a mapping system of travel, mechanism, infrastructure and a hero, charted, examined and accounted for. It is an attempt to locate the dislocated through a systemic process of analysis and synthesis while navigating the space between analog and digital technologies. She graduated with a BA from Columbia College Chicago and an MFA from the University of Washington. She has shown her work internationally including exhibitions in Chicago, Seattle, Australia, Hungary, Italy and Scotland. She has been artist in residence in numerous programs including the Burren College of Art, Kala Art Institute, Women’s Studio Workshop and Oregon College of Art and Craft.

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