Image credits (details) from L-R: Rachel Demy, Gwen Emminger, Andy Holton, Janet Politte, Matthew Ragen
The Photographic Center NW

Alumni News Archive

January Alumni News

January 2023 JOIN AN ALUMNI CRITIQUE GROUP! The PCNW Alumni Critique Groups can be invaluable in strengthening connections with colleagues, supporting continued photographic efforts, and sharing experiences following graduation. Feel free to join in at any time and bring some …

September Alumni News

September 2022 Welcome 2022 Graduates! We are pleased to celebrate the 2022 Thesis GraduatesRachel Demy, Andy Holton, Gwendolyn Emminger,Janet Politte, and Matthew Ragen Congratulations and welcome to your next phase as Alumni!View a selection of their work and watch a recording of the …

May Alumni News

May 2022 We’re pleased to announce that we have six volunteers to lead our first Alumni Association! We are: Sarah King, Harini Krishnamurthy, James Kuan, Lisa Ahlberg, Stacy Osterman, and Anna Ream. We seek to deepen the connection between alumni and …