Student Feature: Michael Aarnio



We are often blown away by the work our students produce in classes and workshops. When a student enters a foundation class, it is up to our faculty and staff, with the support of the Photo Center facilities, to inspire students and provide them with the tools they need to unlock their creative side.

We’d like to share images by Michael Aarnio, who developed a creative way to produce eye catching photographs during his Photography I: Digital class with Patricia Ridenour. Aarnio says “These images were made with a horizontal slit aperture; a method which allows components to remain focused in the vertical direction but blends the horizontal features.”

He continues, “This simple photographic technique freed me to visualized my photographs in new ways. In my mind’s eye, I looked beyond the details and painted with large strokes of light and color to capture the mood of the ‘waterscapes’ I visited. The resulting images are illusions, truer to my imagination than reality.”

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