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Photo Center community finds inspiration and common goals in a new gallery space, Studio F


The idea behind Studio F was born out of a series of business workshops held at the Photo Center in the fall of 2012. This gallery space in Pioneer Square, which was initially occupied by Constance Brinkley and one other photographer,  is now a flourishing artist co-op space with eight members.  Studio F is located at 312 S Washington St.  Seattle, Washington.

To explore the works of the women of Studio F, check out their websites here:

Stacy Osterman
Ann Marie Stillion
Britland Tracy

Constance Brinkley

Denise Shaffer
Laura Sindell
Marcia Glover
Michelle Taul

Constance Brinkley talks about the evolution of Studio F and finding good company:

I attended a class  at PCNW “Getting Your Art Out There”  in September 2012 taught by Marita Holdaway.  This is where I met Ann-Marie Stillion who was assisting Marita and taking the class.   I was sharing with her during our breaks about the gallery I had in the Tashio Kaplan building in Pioneer Square, where I presented  my Street Photography (exhibition).  I was looking for new partners to share the space in 2013.   I had the opportunity to see some of her work in class and on her website.   Ann Marie came to a First Thursday Art Walk and was the first to join the team.  Ann Marie then recommended Denise Shaffer as a artist who would be a good partner.   I attended another class in October at PCNW that was given in partnership with Artist Trust and taught by Libby Gerber.  This class “I Am An Artist-  A Professional Development Workshop” was a requirement of the Certificate Program and had a required “Elevator Speech Networking Event” after the class that all certificate students needed to attend.

Some of the students were not aware of this extra time and had conflicts in schedules. I offered my gallery in November as an option to complete this piece of the class. Everyone would bring one piece of photography to hang and they would give their elevator speech to all the First Thursday Art Walk patrons.  We also all created artist statements and hung them with our work for feedback from the viewers.    This class and  evening  event is where I met Marcia Glover, Stacy Osterman, Laura Sindell, Michelle Taul, and Britland Tracy, they all participated in the class.   I was talking to them about wanting more artists to share this space and creating a co-op of artists.

So… we now have eight people interested in sharing a space and knowledge.  We met in December and started to plan out the gallery.  We named it Studio F, the actual letter of the address given for this space.  We would not have met had it not been for the October class at PCNW!  Taking classes at PCNW is the best networking opportunity around.



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