If you are familiar with our annual Longshot event, you already know that the reverse auction allows for the purchase of amazing work at incredible prices. Here is a sneak peek at some of the pieces that could be going home with you July 28th!

The still life: a practice of image-making focused on the design and composition of inanimate objects, as well as the study of interaction of light upon different surfaces. But let us stop you there. Before your mind drifts to cornucopias of fruit and vases of wilted flower blossoms, consider a photograph that alludes to a life UNstill. The images below are indeed photographs of objects, but objects put in place by a life of motion. Moseley’s dishes will be washed and put away, Bade’s puppet will dance again on a happy hand, and Stillwell’s balloon will drift to another corner of the room, but in this moment they are still, resting in a frame, on your wall.

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