Student & Alumni News Summer 2011

Alumni New Works Show and Graduating Thesis Exhibition
This year 28 alumni of the Photo Center Certificate Program will be participating in our first annual Alumni New Works Show. Please join us to celebrate the continuation of their work since graduation and to celebrate the work of our 2011 graduates Michael Clements and Andy Cox.

Cheryl Hanna-Truscott

Artist Reception, Alumni and Thesis Exhibition – Friday June 3rd 6pm to 9pm / Exhibit through July 15th

A Word From Our Executive Director, Annie Van Avery
The Photo Center is launching a new communications campaign to keep YOU, students and alumni, in the loop with news about what happening in the Photo Center community. Our first letter is from our Executive Director, Annie Van Avery and talks about the exciting transformation the Photo Center’s second floor will undergo this summer; including the removal of our color analog darkroom and addition of a daylight studio/classroom and second media lab. Read here:

Dear Photo Center Students and Alumni,
I am thrilled that with the help of our Student and Alumni Committee we are launching this initiative to regularly communicate with you what is going on at the Center. So many of you have lent your support and advocacy to the Photo Center throughout the years and we want you to know that you, our community, is what keeps us a vital part of the lives of photographers in our region and beyond. These quarterly newsletters will help keep you in the loop about the Center’s current projects, future goals, and relevant discussions happening with the staff, faculty, and board.
What is happening at the Photo Center these days? Click here to read the rest of Annie’s letter.

New Intensive Summer Classes
We’re offering shorter summer classes designed to teach, motivate, and inspire photographic thinking, so you can get your photo projects done in less time and still have time to enjoy the summer sunshine. We designed these courses with our current students and alumni in mind:

Land, Water, Lens
This six week class with Aaron Gustafson will get you outside and discovering new ways of seeing the world through your lens. click for full description

Creative Night Photography: On Location
This four week class with Keeara Rhoades explores the night hours and the special challenges and possibilities that low-light poses in photography. click for full description

Project Development
This intensive production and critique oriented class with Molly Landreth is designed to allow students to expand or complete a body of work. click for full description

Long Shot 2011: 24 Hours, Hundreds of Photographers, One Photo Center

LONG SHOT 2010: Keeara Rhoades, Tiny Penguins, 2:08AM

As many of you know, our annual 24 hour photo marathon Long Shot, is quickly approaching (6pm Friday, June 17 to 6pm Saturday, June 18!) With over 250 participants already on board, Long Shot is gaining momentum, our goal is to reach 400 participants by June 17, and we want STUDENTS and ALUMNI to participate! Past Long Shot participants include Photo Center alumni Lisa Ahlberg, Jennifer Brendicke, Andy Cox, Daniel Gregory, Alexis Henry, Maylee Noah, and Chris Williams. Come join your peers in a frenzy of photographing that helps support the Photo Center and gets you doing the thing you love: taking photos! Click here for more information and to sign up for Long Shot! Interested in participating with a student or alumni group? email Lisa Ahlberg

Stories from Our Current Students

  • Digital I student participates in Push Pin show and sells work! …Paola Faggella a winter 2011 student in Photo I Digital was delighted to learn that the print she had submitted to the recent Push Pin Show was sold to a happy customer!
  • Students from Jahnavi Lisa Barnes’ Large Format classes have work on view in the Photo Center second floor gallery — check out their work now through May 26!
  • Photo Center Alumni Committee chair Lisa Ahlberg is organizing a shooting group called Cameras & Beer. She’ll also be hosting an Alumni/Student meetup during LONG SHOT at the 14 Carrot Cafe (7am on June 18!). Want to join up? Email Lisa!

Reflections from the Metro Bus Shelter CITY PANORAMA class:

“It was with a lot of excitement and a fair bit of trepidation that I signed up for the Photo Center City Panorama course. I had no prior experience working as part of a group to deliver a large-scale public art project. I was interested in the creative and technical aspects of the course, but more so, I wanted to gain experience with the project management aspects of pulling off this challenge in a short 10 weeks. During the course, through classroom discussions, teacher-led lectures and self-reflections we explored questions such as: What makes public art successful? How does public art compete with the visual distractions around it? How does the artist engage the general public through art displayed on a bus shelter? What images work effectively in a 4:1 ratio? In addition to submitting our personal work, the group decided to open a Call for Entries, inviting other Photo Center members and students to contribute to the project. We then curated the submissions, selecting works that were effective and diverse. Through the course, I felt both challenged and supported to learn about public art, how to work as part of a larger collaborative effort and ultimately, how to produce images appropriate for a public installation.”

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