Rummage Sale, New prices

It’s time once again for the Photo Center to clear out the basement which has be filling up with cameras, camera bags, studio gear, and lots and lots of equipment. Come this Sunday to browse our surplus items, and be sure to get there early for the best deals! Here’s just a sampling of what we’ll have available:


  • Leica M3 body (beautiful!) $600
  • Hasselblad 501cm with A12 and 80mm lens (B60) $1200
  • Hasselblad 150mm lens (B60)
  • Zero Image 4×5
  • Nikon F3 with lenses, motor drive, and WL finder
  • Yashica Twin Lens Reflex (very handsome)
  • So many 35mm cameras, lenses, cases, filters, flashes, meters, you name it!


  • Epson 7600 never used with stand $1200
  • Epson 7600 used with stand $500
  • Epson 4800 used (no stand) $1000
  • 2x Epson 3800s used $500/each
  • Epson 4000 used $500
  • Epson 4800 with damaged drive train $100


  • 4 ft by 8 ft stainless steel sink with legs
  • 4×5 Chromega enlargers (and many others)
  • Enlarger lenses (all sizes)
  • Lens carriers
  • Lots and lots of trays!
  • Even more film development canisters (plastic and metal)!
  • So many beakers (glass and plastic!)
  • Safelights, tongs, every size of light table imaginable, and much more!
  • Commercial Colenta color processor (with all the parts)


  • Speedotron heads and packs (to many to count)
  • Norman 2000wat heads and packs
  • Hot lights (including Fresnel lights)
  • So many light stands!
  • Enough umbrellas to keep the city dry!
  • Tripods from the ridiculously massive to the infinitesimally small!
  • Clamps, brackets, and stuff we don’t even know what its for
  • Every kind of case imaginable (Pelican, Liteware, Tenba, and more)
  • Complete ceiling mountable rail kit with casters and articulated arms for lights and scrims.  Scrim and reflector holders included.

If you have questions about any of these items please contact John Blalock at

Everything is priced to sell, we hope to see you then!

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