June 2020 Member Showcase

In addition to joining a robust community of artists, PCNW Members receive benefits including discounts on education offerings, facilities rentals and gallery purchases; opportunities for professional development and exhibition, and invitations to special member events. And starting this month, an opportunity to be highlighted in our Member Showcase! This June, we are excited to shine the spotlight on three PCNW Members and their current photography projects.

DELTON YOUNG – member since 2020

What are you working on?

For many years, I have been snowshoeing far into the snowy mountains in winter. These are often places of exceptional beauty. Over the past year, I have worked to convey the austere elegance of these landscapes in photographic images.

To learn more about Delton’s photography, click here

MATTHEW RAGEN – member since 2016

What are you working on?

“One Mile Of Hamilton Avenue” is a project that I’ve been adding to over the last four – five years when I visit my father-in-law. I’ve driven along this street for years as it is a shortcut with few traffic lights and one of the most nicely paved roads in Detroit with few potholes.

Artist Statement

Overlooked in the urban core of Detroit is a once proud avenue that now consists of empty lots, liquor stores, and abandoned buildings that have often fallen victim to arson. “One Mile Of Hamilton Avenue” explores the urban decay that extends between McNichols Road and Oakman Boulevard. The images in this set show the Hamilton Garage and Jimmy’s Custom Cleaners to a number of buildings that no longer have a name. Some day, Hamilton Avenue will experience the renovation and renewal that Woodward Avenue is undergoing less than half a mile away. Until then, the avenue is a street that is often overlooked.

To learn more about Matthew’s photography, click here.

JUDITH LECKRONE LEE – member since 2018

What are you working on?

I was recently enrolled in Elisa Huerta-Enochian’s workshop, Sharing Your Photography and getting helpful insight on a new series called “My Father’s Landscape” which include images of Yuma, Arizona and the surrounding landscape. I also was able to get more eyes on a previously finished project, “A Transcontinental Love Affair” which is included here.

Artist Statement

Through a Train Window: A Transcontinental Love Affair

Riding the Amtrak train from New York to Seattle, I was unexpectedly smitten by the intimate and expansive views of modest towns, rough and secluded settlements spattered on the land, empty back roads, working farms and ranches, slow moving waters, wide open fields and forgotten urban backsides. I wanted to know these honest and unpretentious working and quiet landscapes and towns, but all I could do was take pictures of them as they slipped by. It was an unexpected intense connection. Like the first nights with a new lover, I could barely sleep – waking in the middle of the night to be reassured that it’s all still there outside my window, grateful for our slow transit across the continent. During these troubling times when I have felt such painful disappointment in it, this experience reassured me that I can still feel deep love for my country.

To learn more about Judith’s photography, click here.

Thank you to PCNW Members Delton, Matthew and Judith for sharing your work with our community! If you’re a member of PCNW and would like to share with us your creative endeavors, we’d love to hear from you. Complete our online form and a jury will review your work for consideration of inclusion in upcoming online showcases and satellite exhibitions. Complete by the 15th of every month to be considered for the next months’ spotlight. 

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