As our 6th Annual PHOTOLUST Auction nears we continue with our tradition to share some of the interesting pieces we have procured over the past year. As always it is fascinating how certain themes arise from within the work, providing interesting patterns and typologies that are representative of the current state of contemporary photography.

This year there is a group of photographers who have, in their own ways, documented an intersection of fauna and human nature. Whether it is taxidermy or costume, these pictures represent animals in different states of interaction and purpose. Claire Garoutte and Traer Scott both present a straight photograph of preserved animals in a museum setting, an interest counterpart to Lori Nix‘ (fauna-less) hand-crafted, post-apocalyptic diorama of a rundown botanic garden.  On the other hand you can find images by Henry Horenstein and Tom Chambers, both utilizing the animal form as an artistic element of a constructed image.  Chambers employs the body of a deer to craft a dream-like scene while Horenstein pairs a bear’s head with a nude female torso to create a humorous mythical creature of his own.

Make sure to stop by THIS Friday, October 21st from 6 to 8pm for a preview of the works. If you would like to purchase auction tickets, place an absentee bid or make donation please click here.

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