LONG SHOT is Days Away!


Charge your batteries, buy your film, or clean that tiny iPhone lens! Let’s make this year the best marathon yet! If you’re going to be in Seattle, stop by the Photo Center from 5-6 on June 17 to meet other participants, get caffeinated, and find out more about where to meet up while shooting for the marathon! We will have Photo Center staff and faculty on hand to answer any questions you might have, some words of wisdom, and of course, refreshments!

Remember to Reach out to your Community: If you haven’t already, think about ways to seek pledges and donations! Write your friends and family, ask your employer to match your own donation, or promise a print to your sponsors. There are so many easy alternative ways to fundraise. Send your sponsors HERE to make a pledge. http://pcnwstaging.dreamhosters.com/support/form/ We have raised nearly $10,000 so far, but we are miles away from our goal of $35,000.

Keep Spreading the Word: We want to continue to expand our community, and can never have enough support! Tell your friends and your community about Long Shot. Even if they can’t participate, they can help out in other ways, like sponsoring you, attending the July 23 exhibition, or even… modeling for you!


9PM, Friday June 17: University District – Meet up at Flowers Bar & Restaurant (4247 University Way NE) with Photo Center instructor John Blalock for a quick lesson & tips on shooting during blue hour, or magic hour as it is sometimes known. Head out with others or on your own to take some of your own long exposures in this special light.

1PM, Saturday June 18: South Lake Union – Join us at Lake Union Park (860 Terry Avenue North). Bring a picnic lunch, check out the sea planes & historical ships, or simply enjoy being out along the water.  We will meet by the model boat pond around 1pm, and give away a Photo Center tote to the first person to show up with their own model boat!

6PM, Saturday June 18: Ballard – Finish the night with a walk along Ballard Ave, and join other LONG SHOT marathoners for a celebratory toast at King’s Hardware (5225 Ballard Avenue Northwest).

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