PHOTOLUST: Focus On The Body


Since the invention of photography there has been a fascination with capturing the human form, which carried on from sculpture and painting. PHOTOLUST presents a wide range of works that address the body as a subject, as a conceptual vehicle and even as a purely geometric form. Rachel Papo’s image shows a group of teenage ballet dancers stretching their bodies, seeming to strive for a level of perfection that is always out of reach. Unlike Papo’s adolescent ballerinas, there’s a sense of assertive confidence in Paul Dahlquist’s provocative photo of a sculpted male backside. An even bolder assertion of presence is apparent in the work of Joseph Deiss, who uses the organic shape of the body to make an abstracted imprint on photographic paper, printed in full detail to the edges of the frame. Notable also is a work from photographer Jock Sturges, whose photographs of nude adolescents have famously pushed ethical limits in art photography. (Feel free to share your thoughts on the body in photography throughout history in the comments below)

To view other works included in the PHOTOLUST auction visit the PHOTOLUST site. To purchase tickets to the auction click here.

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