LONG SHOT: Where will you be on June 1st?

Just one week until our official LONG SHOT 2012 kick-off event.  Join us at the Photo Center at 5:30 on June 1st for a countdown to the start of 24 hours of photography. 

Photo By Batur Oktay

Next Steps

Just in case you missed an email, you can catch up with the next steps to LONG SHOT by checking out these past emails we’ve sent:

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What is Long Shot?
Long Shot is an event that celebrates photography, creativity, and our greater community, while raising funds for education and outreach programs at Photo Center NW. It is a fun, community fundraising event where photographers hit the streets to capture a theme, community, or subject of their choice. The event is open to everyone, using any camera, anywhere. At least one image from each participant will be featured in the Long Shot exhibition at Photo Center NW on July 28, 2012.

Do I have to shoot for the full 24-hours?
No, you are not required to shoot for the full 24-Hours, but you should keep track of how many hours you do shoot if someone is pledging support for you by the hour.

More questions?  Visit our LONG SHOT FAQs page.

If you’re looking for the full LONG SHOT experience, sign up for one of our workshops here!

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