Phil Borges Lecture

Tibet: Culture on the Edge

October 7th, 7 pm, Tickets $10, Members $8
Join us this Friday evening for a lecture and digital presentation by the esteemed Phil Borges. Borges is a Seattle-based, documentary photographer and co-founder of Blue Earth Alliance. For over twenty-five years Phil Borges has lived with and documented indigenous and tribal cultures around the world. Through his work, he strives to create a heightened understanding of the issues faced by people in the developing world. His award winning books have been published in four languages and in December, 2003 Phil was honored with the Lucie Humanitarian Award at the Annual International Photography Awards in Los Angeles as well as the Purpose Prize in 2007. His newly released book, Tibet: Culture on the Edge, will be available at the lecture during a book signing. In Tibet: Culture on the Edge, Phil uses full color portraits to bring us face to face with some of the people who live in one of the most fragile environments on earth and face a rapid induction into the twenty-first century while trying to retain their Tibetan Buddhist practice and culture.

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