Click Here for Snow Closures & Class Cancellations (Nov 22-24)!

Hi students!

Here are a few classes that are cancelled today (Monday November 22):

  • Black and White I: Mondays 6-9 with Jahnavi
  • Digital Imaging I: Mondays 6-9 with Juan
  • Digital Photography I: Mondays 6-9 with Janet

ALL CLASSES ARE CANCELLED for Tuesday November 23:

  • City Panorama: Tuesdays 6-9 with Keeara Rhoades and Christine Tran
  • Black and White II: Tuesdays with Peggy
  • Digital Photo II: Tuesdays with Keeara
  • Digital Photo I (both sections): Tuesdays with Patricia
  • Digital Imaging I: Tuesdays with John

ALL CLASSES ARE CANCELLED for Wednesday November 24:

  • The Color Portrait: Wednesdays 6-9 with Seth
  • Complete Photoshop: Wednesdays 6-9 with Juan

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