PHOTOLUST: Focus on Water


Not ready to let go of the summer yet? PHOTOLUST, our 5th annual benefit auction is putting forth an interesting collection of water photographs. Colossal waves, sun-kissed surfers, moody lakes, icebergs and diving boards are only some of the subjects depicted. Visit our website and get soaked in works by: Joni Sternbach, Jahnavi Lisa Barnes, Regina Deluise, Ed Freeman, N.W. Gibbons, Alex Heilner, Brian Knappenberger, Brian Kosoff, Karine Laval, Wayne Levin, Clark Little, Tim Matsui, Matthew Pillsbury, Tim Rudman, Manjari Sharma and Jock Sturges!

To view other works included in the PHOTOLUST auction visit the PHOTOLUST site. To purchase tickets to the auction click here.

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