PHOTOLUST: Focus on Alternative Processes


Wet plate collodion, platinum/palladium and tin types are among some of the alternative photographic processes represented at PHOTOLUST,  The Photo Center’s 5th annual benefit auction. Thought nobody did those anymore? There is a thriving community of artists producing incredible work in these media. Interestingly, with the development of digital technology many artists have found ways to expand the limits of historical processes, incorporating digital components into century-old technology.  Others, of course, have chosen a strictly purist route. Attend PHOTOLUST to see alternative process works by Regina Deluise, Joni Sternbach, Jenny Sampson, Jody Ake, Daniel Gregory and N.W. Gibbons.

To view other works included in the PHOTOLUST auction visit the PHOTOLUST site. To purchase tickets to the auction click here.

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