APR 2-3 | Seven Doors Pop-up: Stories of Immigration Detention

Seven Doors: Stories of Immigration Detention

Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm | April 2-3\, 2022 in the PCNW parking lot

The project SEVEN DOORS is a long-term documentary photography and story-telling project by photographer Greg Constantine. The project exposes the impact and trauma of immigration detention and aims to show how immigration detention is used as a central component of immigration and asylum policy in the United States and several other countries around the world.

Ten extensive road trips across the US from 2017-2022. Over 30\,000 miles in 25 different states. 150 hours of interviews. Over the past 5 years\, through photographs and testimony\, the project has shown how individuals are removed from society\, separated from loved ones\, isolated from access to adequate legal counsel and left to languish in a network of prison-like immigration detention facilities across the United States.

Like the print initiative from this project\, SevenDoors Journal and the 3-part online photo-testimonial essays\, American Gulag This 2-day\, pop-up exhibition…utilizing a 26 ft-long truck… provides a new visual translation of what immigration detention looks like in the US and uses storytelling and first-person testimony so people can share in their own words the impact immigration detention has had on their lives.


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