Mini Gallery
Mini Gallery

Have you ever seen our mini gallery? Next time you’re in our building we encourage a scavenger hunt. The mini gallery features a body of work that is said to be made by Tony Danza, but the artist prefers to remain anonymous. Danza’s bio appears on the wall, almost too small to actually read. The photographer imagined that Tony Danza was a photographer wanna-be, a struggling artist so to speak. The labels under the photos are also meant to be too small to read. The exhibition includes forbidding imagery of mannequins and masks and odd dolls and toys. The photos are B&W contact prints from negatives shot with a Holga camera. The frames, podium and vase were also custom made by the artist.The chair and rug were added by mysterious fans of the show.

Mini Bio: Tony Danza
As a youngster, Anthony Iadanza never dreamed of an acting career. The New Yorker from Brooklyn instead envisioned himself the next Rocky Graziano. Changing his name to “Dangerous” Tony Danza, he entered the New York Golden Gloves in 1975. Shortly afterward, on Aug. 13, 1976, he started his professional boxing career. Fighting as a middleweight, Danza became a crowd favorite for his walk-in slugging style. He compiled a record of 9-3 with nine knockout victories, seven in the first round. It was during a gym workout that he was discovered for the part of “Tony Banta” on the TV show, “Taxi” (1978). Danza still had hopes of being a world champion and scored knockouts in 1978 and 1979 but, unable to secure a title shot, retired from boxing to dedicate himself totally to his acting career.

Photo Center NW is accepting mini proposals for the space.

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