Pleas join your community next Monday, June 4th at 6:00PM for the fourth edition of “First Mondays.” This meeting will take on a lighter note, with more of a “Show And Tell” structure. Here’s a message from Melinda Simon, who will be facilitating the session. We hope to see you there!!

In light of the long light, spring, and all the cranial fuzziness both evoke, I thought we might take it easy this month & step into the way-back machine; remember show & tell? How about if we each bring in something we’d like to share: a favorite image from a current, past, online, local, or distant show, friend, or self; a read-aloud and/or pass-around excerpt from an interview, essay, report, news story, a favorite photo book… you get it- sharing something about the reason we’re all so fascinated by photography in the first place, how some images or ways to think about them really catch our fancy, intrigue, delight, mystify– and have some fun bringing this to a like-minded audience. Bring a couple: something inspiring and something we’ll hate ourselves for loving– we’ve tackled some pretty high-brow work; now how low can you go???

Member Serge Gregory shares his “When Herons Dream,” a short film I made in 2009. He says, “It was shot on Kodak Plus-X reversal 16mm film stock (now discontinued and I am still in mourning). Here’s the basic question I would ask the group as part of show and tell: Is this what happens when a still photographer makes a movie?”

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