Susan Gans

Susan Gans is a photographer and printmaker in Seattle, WA. She has an MA in ArtEducation and Printmaking from New York University (1972) and a BA in StudioArts from the University of Maryland, College Park (1967). In 1994, she completed a certificate in Printmaking, and in 2000, a certificate in Photography, both from the University of Washington Extension Program. Her introduction to PCNW came during this time; the darkroom classes were taught at the Photo Center. In 2008,Susan completed the Artist Trust EDGE Professional Development Program forVisual Artists. Since then she continued classes and workshops at PCNW, Newspace Center for Photography and the Pacific NW Art School.

Susan grew up in and around older cities on the East Coast and lived with art,artifacts or oddities in her household from flea markets and small neighborhood shops. She continues that practice as an adult. Her work background has been varied from operating what was considered the second Taco/Burrito cart in NewYork City, teaching in the D. C. Public Schools and settlement houses in the late1960’s/early 70’s to working in museums and arts center for more than 20 years. In Seattle, her work life took a turn into the public sector. Currently, she is a full-timea rtist and artist/member at Gallery 110. She has been on the Board of Directors for the past 2 years.Her work has been shown at various venues primarily in the Pacific NW and is in collections on both coasts.

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