The rain forgot to end and now you can’t remember what it was like before, 2017
Unique Photo collage from found materials
8×9 inches
Retail framed: $875
© Serrah Russell

b. 1986, Merritt Island, FL; lives in Seattle, WA
“I was born in Florida, and though I didn’t live there long, just six months, I feel it embedded its landscape upon me. Maybe all I could feel or comprehend at that young age was the warmth and the light, but somehow I took that in. . . . that small town in Florida was my first home, and yet it never really was. This piece certainly conveys the feelings of the landscape of my home in Seattle—with a rain so continuous and constant you forget there is something else. But a landscape isn’t all there is to coming home.”

Russell’s practice is an exploration of the photographic image and its ability to evoke memory, emotion, and association. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest, and has also exhibited in Vancouver, British Columbia; Melbourne, Australia; London, England; Athens, Greece; Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. She works as an independent curator with Vignettes, and was founder and director of the online art exhibition platform Violet Strays.

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