Notions of Home, 2013/2017
Salt print from human blood extractions
Unique print; open edition
7.5 x 9.5 inches
Retail Framed: $650
© Daniel Hawkins

b. 1974, San Jose, CA; lives in Seattle, WA
“I was spending so much time making images that I realized if I didn’t involve my family in the process, we would just grow apart. I asked Jessica, my wife, how I could include her; now we make all of the work together. She plans the trips, makes the food, reads the maps, packs the bags, carries the gear; she does basically everything except click the shutter. We discuss theory, and travel to see exhibitions at every opportunity. We decided after many years together (our youngest son is 17) that we wanted to get married—and the place we chose for the ceremony was this site, where we stood together for many hours in the dark, trying to get the pictures right. This print is made using a silver salt solution originating from my wife’s blood, a process I’d been wanting to try—this exhibition was the motivating opportunity. Once everything is processed only the salt is left behind with the silver, so a little part of her is incorporated into the work.”

Hawkins is a Seattle based photographer who uses a wide variety of obsolete and innovative imaging processes to create his work; he is an alumni of PCNW’s certificate program, and is on the faculty.

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