Check Point, Santa Teresa, 31°47’3″ N 106°40’48” W, 2017
Chromogenic Print
20 x 24 inches
Retail Framed: $1,400
© Chris Letcher

b. 1963, Tucumcari, NM; lives in Seattle, WA
“My home state of New Mexico was born out of the struggle between Native American tribes, the United States, and Mexico. Nation states seem to find themselves unable to live with things unbounded; it leads them to fight strenuously to define what’s theirs, as if the land is ever truly mastered if it has borders. As I went to this border line I felt more attentive to the demarcations between Federal, State, and private properties—how the borders themselves suture together varying ideas about property and states of being. . . . I realize that the land beneath me is home, but it’s never mine, it’s merely borrowed for a fleeting moment.”

Letcher graduated from PCNW’s certificate program in 2013.

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