Chicago, IL

Untitled (Boy Holding Ears), 1961-65
Gelatin Silver Print (Estate print, 2012)

Vivian Maier (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009) was an American photographer who was born in New York but grew up in France, and after returning to the United States as a young adult, she worked for about 40 years as a nanny in Chicago. During those years she took more than 100,000 images, primarily of people and cityscapes most often in Chicago, although she traveled and photographed worldwide. Maier used a Rolleiflex in addition to experimenting with other cameras.

Her images remained unknown and mostly undeveloped and unprinted until they were discovered by a Chicagoan in 2007. Currently several collectors own the breadth of her work. Since Maier’s death in 2009, her work has received critical acclaim. Her photographs have been exhibited in the United States, England, Germany, Denmark, and Norway and have appeared in publications worldwide.

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