Projection, 2015
Collage of found photograph and pen drawing
15 x 11 inches
Edition: Unique, signed
Retail framed: $650
© and courtesy of Joe Rudko and PDX

A photographer by training, Joe Rudko’s Object Drawings refer to the perception of truth in the visual. Working with photographic ephemera Rudko acknowledges the physical aspects of the objects with which he works. Ripping, cutting, and folding surfaces, he reacts and extends the found material with paint, graphite, and photographic spotting pen. Through this collage process Rudko has developed a system of inquiry; in which improvisations and conversations engage with raw materials, rendering interpretation vulnerable and unstable.

Projection is comprised of a found antique photograph that has been partially colorized. I used photographic spotting pens to extend the folded edge of the image in two separate direction to differentiate the layers that make up this particular image. The title ‘Projection’ refers to the literal shape of the abstraction, and also to the process of reading a photograph in which the viewer often projects their own expectations onto the image.

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