Goldie Awaiting Burial, 2015
Archival Pigment Print
20 x 30 inches
Edition: AP
Retail framed: $1,800
© and courtesy Charles Peterson

Charles Peterson (born 1964 in Longview, Washington) is an American photographer well known for his work with the independent record label Sub Pop. His photos are presented in the movie Kurt Cobain: About a Son. Charles is known for depicting the rise of the Northwest music scene in the late 80s to early 90s, and for his trademark full-frame, non-cropped image.

Peterson and his images were recently featured on the ‘Seattle’ episode of Dave Grohl’s “Sonic Highways” series on HBO. Peterson’s photographs have appeared in publications and galleries throughout the world, most notably a one-man exhibition at The Chrysler Museum (curated by Brooks Johnson), February~May 2005. Peterson’s work has also been featured at the Seattle Art Museum, the Experience Music Project (Seattle, WA), the Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn, NY) and the Museum Folkwang in Essen, Germany.

“Having come of age in the Seattle music scene I have a particular fondness for these photographs, and the memories they evoke. I recall seeing Charles at shows, darting in and out of the action, both on stage and in the audience. His photographs perfectly capture the birth of this musical movement; the raw energy, emotion and authenticity of, as he put it, “…a supercharged lifestyle of expression, a familial community made up of “stray dogs from every village” who all had the same aching need for something to do, preferably loud and diverting.” – Eric J. Keller, Director, Soulcatcher Studio

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