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12th Annual Photographic Competition Exhibition

July 13 – August 30, 2007

Juror: Charlotte Cotton, Curator of Photography, LACMA

This annual juried exhibition draws entries from across the country and around the world, and remains among the most popular shows in PCNW’s annual schedule. The competition is open to all photographers, all photographic processes, and all themes. The juror is looking for work that represents a larger, cohesive body of work and will be selecting a short series from each photographer chosen.  From among those exhibited, our juror will select first, second and third prize winners to receive prizes of $1,000, $500, and $250.

Juror Charlotte Cotton is Department Head and Curator of Photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Previously, she was Head of Cultural Programs at Art + Commerce in  New York, Head of Programming at The Photographers’ Gallery in London and a Curator of Photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 1993 to 2004. She has curated many exhibitions of historical and contemporary photography including, Imperfect Beauty: the making of contemporary fashion photographs (2000), Out of Japan (2002), Stepping In and Out: contemporary documentary photography (2003) and Guy Bourdin (2003). Cotton is the author and editor of publications such as Imperfect Beauty (2000), Then Things Went Quiet (2003), Guy Bourdin (2003) and The Photograph as Contemporary Art (2004), a title in the World of Art series published by Thames & Hudson. Her most recent writing includes essays and interviews with Paul Graham, Rinko Kawauchi, Hannah Starkey, Dav id Hilliard, Inez van Lamsweerde, Desiree Dolron, and Philip-Lorca diCorcia.


1st Place Award
Sung Jin Park, NY
For his series Kid Nostalgia
Park depicts Korean students of various specialty or vocational schools as they express their individuality by pressing the limits of their school uniform dress codes, against the backdrop of rapidly changing Seoul.

2nd Place Award
Martine Fougeron, NY
For her series Tête-à-Tête
Fougeron’s photographs explore adolescence and reflect the mother photographer’s interactions with her subject children. She is inspired by Dutch painters as well as set contemporary cinematic lighting techniques, and she is currently an instructor at the International Center for Photography, in New York, which Getty Images also supports on an ongoing basis.

3rd Place Award
Daniel Traub, NY
For his series City’s Edge
Daniel is drawn to the peripheries of China’s cities – the strange and nebulous region where urban and rural, old and new China meet in seemingly theatrical landscapes that are emblematic of China as a whole: unresolved, abrasive and often contradictory. Traub sees photographing this environment as a way of understanding China’s history as well as a method of decoding its future.

Honorable Mentions:
Brett Bell, Nurse, 2005 C-Print
Rachael Dunville, The Brad, 2004 C-Print
Joseph O. Holmes, Ganmar Electronics, 2006 Pigment Inkjet on Archival Paper
Steffi Klenz, Untitled from “Nonsuch”

Featured Photographers:
Andy Freeberg, Cheim & Read, 2006 Pigment Print
Aline Mare, Cyrus from Beautiful Boy series, 2007 Archival Digital Print
Aly Su Borst, Untitled from the series The Maladies and Treatments of an Unkempt Mind, 2007 C-Print
Beatrix Reinhardt, Pathfinder Gun and Hunting Club, Fulton, NY, 2006 Chromogenic Print
Brad Moore, Budget, Westminster, CA, 2006 Archival Pigment Print
Brea Souders, Mattresses, 2007 C-Print
Cat Gwynn, Empty TV, 2006 Lightjet Print
Charles Peterson, B-Boy, Seattle, 2002 Archival Digital Print
Dave Jordano, Man with Face Shield, Funks Grove, Illinois, 2007
Dina Kantor, Isabella Holm, Helsinki, 2006 Digital C-Print
Jesse Burke, Wet Dreams, 2005
Joel Sanders, Kat, 2006 C-Print
Kate Orne, Prostitute Entwined w. Client in Brothel, Pakistan, 2005 C-Print on Fuji Archive Paper
Lex Thompson, Untitled from the series All Our Pleasant Places, 2005 Chromogenic Print
Monika Merva, Boys in the Commons Room, Hungary, 2005 C-Print
Rylan Steele, 50 Hurt Plaza, 2006 Chromogenic Print
Stephen Brookbank, Antique Store, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2006 Optical C-Print
William Hundley, And Kids, 2007 Lightjet Print

The Photograph as Contemporary Art Lecture
with Charlotte Cotton, Curator of Photography, LACMA
August 3, 2007 7pm

This lecture concerns photographic practice over the past decade and the notion of photography as an accepted and fashionable form of contemporary art.  The lecture qualifies the versions of contemporary art photography that have made a lasting impact on the discourses of art as well as highlighting the issues they raise for our perceptions of photographic practice today.