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Certificate Program Graduates

June 1 – July 10, 2009

Featuring: Jennifer Brendicke, Ron Espina, Daniel Gregory, Cheryl Hanna-Truscott, Lacey Kwak-Simon, David Regal, Chris Williams

Photo Center NW presents its Annual Thesis Exhibition showcasing seven students who have completed an intensive study in the certificate program. Each photographer has a vision and project that is uniquely their own, but together they share a passion for photography that led them through the program as they honed their skills and perfected their visual language.


The series Bellitude embodies Jennifer Brendicke’s exploration of a personal realm where the boundaries of ideals and reality blur, and the possibilities of a new self are unveiled. Through the creation of this work, she embraces the challenge of navigating the nuances of her idealistic versus rational nature. In each image, black, white, and color converge — obscuring, unearthing, and strengthening one another. Their convergence mirrors the artist’s inner realm where established boundaries are no longer defined. Working with the subtle shifts of light that accentuate abstract form, she seeks to render images that push photography beyond the usual modes of representation. The resulting series is her visual tribute to a new perspective of self.

In Hare Krishna, “The Energy of God”, Ron Espina explores and delivers a conscious view of God Hare Krishna, captured in very magical moments of life.

In Immersion: Experienced Spaces, Daniel J Gregory moves beyond the role of observer as he explores the experiences of being immersed within landscapes. Utilizing an 8×10 large format camera, Daniel evokes more than just visual observation. He finds each landscape generates its own unique experience of atmosphere, sensation, and presence that enhances our connection to these spaces. In these individually hand-coated platinum and palladium images, Daniel continues to further extend his immersion experience directly into the final printed image.

Protective Custody: Within a Prison Nursery by Cheryl Hanna-Truscott is a portrait series about pregnant inmates incarcerated at the Washington Corrections Center for Women who qualify for a prison nursery program. After giving birth, the mothers maintain custody of their babies while serving relatively short prison sentences. Healthy maternal-infant attachment is promoted during this critical time in a protective, supportive, and safe environment.

Lacey Kwak-Simon’s photographs document a disappearing way of life. She returns to her childhood home in search of both her own memories and those her children will never have. Inheritance explores her love and loss of the farm.

In Listening to Walls, David Regal reminds us that as we move through our everyday world we are surrounded by intriguing and aesthetically rewarding imagery – if only we take the time to notice it.

In All of Us Are Growing Up, Chris Williams shares intimate portraits of close friends and acquaintances as they transition from post-adolescence into early maturity. His portraits reflect and redefine shifts in personal awareness as his generation seeks to form unique identities and find meaning in their lives. These large c-prints capture the essence of these individuals with the (intended) desire to “freeze us all now, to remember, to hold white-knuckle tight onto this moment.”