LONG SHOT 2011: Stacey Sanner, Tracks II - June 18, 3:25PM
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Large Format

Photography by students of Jahnavi Lisa Barnes

May 5 – 26, 2011

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The work displayed was created by Photo Center NW intermediate and advanced students during the course, Introduction to Large Format.  All images were taken with a 4×5 view camera with instruction and guidance provided by large format master, Jahnavi Lisa Barnes.  Please visit the front desk for more information or to sign up for the upcoming Intro to Large Format class offered during Summer quarter beginning in June.  (see below for course description)

Introduction to Large Format
Jahnavi Lisa Barnes

Wednesdays 6-9:20 from June 22-August 10
Gain a basic understanding of large format camera operations through hands-on experience. Practice working with camera controls, learning shifting focus and perspective control. Work with bellows extension for close up work and metering calculations while working in the field. This course is open to color or black & white film output. Black & white film processing will be demonstrated. Those choosing to shoot color film or transparency should have previous Photoshop experience for completing weekly print assignments. We will travel as a class to sites around Seattle for field experience with camera controls. The Photo Center has several 4 x 5 cameras available for student checkout; access to these is included in course tuition.