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From the series Selective Memories, Images from the Pacific Coast

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When I was a boy, our family vacations were most often road trips. Loading the station wagon the night before, my father would carefully pack everything needed for an exploration of parts unknown. We would leave before dawn, my sister and I sleepy-eyed in the back seat. What I remember most clearly from those trips was the anticipation, my eyes glued to the window as the miles rolled by. My father, a country boy from Southern Illinois, never tired of traveling around the West Coast, his adopted home. It never really mattered where we were going; it was the going that mattered. In our travels, he taught me the value of curiosity, of simply going to see what there was to see. While these images are not literal recreations of my childhood travels, they are their logical descendants, created with a will to be ambiguous, a bit nostalgic, and evocative of a time when our impressions were less focused on the moment yet perhaps far more perceptive.

Douglas Ethridge is a fine art photographer, writer and video producer based in Washington State. His photography has been published by Camera Arts, COLOR, Hasselblad and B&W Magazine and shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the U.S. and in Europe. douglasethridge.com