Carrie Yuan, Underwater Swim, City Panorama 2016

City Panorama 2017

Photomural Public Art Call

Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW), King County Metro and Youth in Focus are looking for inspiring images to be installed as public art on King County Metro bus shelters through the public art project, City Panorama. The theme for 2017 City Panorama is open, so creativity is king! Photographs can be submitted via CaFE (www.callforentry.org) between August 15 and October 29, 2017. 100 photographs will chosen and printed on 2’ x 8′  wooden panels and will remain installed in King County Metro shelters for up to 10 years. Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of jurors from Metro, PCNW and Youth in Focus. Chosen photographs are prominently displayed throughout Seattle and greater King County. Many photographers don’t necessarily shoot in a panoramic format, but crop work to fit the 4:1 ratio. Take a slice out of your image — or stitch several images together. This is great opportunity to be creative, and do something unique with your work!


The City Panorama Project began in 2010 when King County Metro, WA partnered with PCNW to expand the public art scene in Seattle and other cities in King County. As a way to incorporate art into everyday life, to beautify Seattle and other cities served by Metro, and to make new perspectives and ideas available to all, the City Panorama Project seeks photographic artwork that will accomplish these objectives while increasing the visibility of the photographic arts. Over 550 photo murals have been installed since the launch of this public art project in 2010. This annual project is now on its seventh year and was funded through a 4Culture grant between 2010-2015.


• Avoid large blocks of color/negative space (to avoid graffiti on your image)
• Image themes and subjects should be appropriate for all age groups (PG-13)
• In general, themes and subjects should be appropriate for exhibiting as public art
• Your name and the title of your image will appear next to the image along with PCNW, King County, Youth in Focus and 4Culture logos.
• You may tile, collage, crop or stitch together images to create the final panoramic file.
Click here to see images previously selected for murals for inspiration.


When submitting images to this contest:

• Images must conform to a panoramic format, 4:1 frame ratio
• Images must be maximum 1920px x 480px and must be under 5mb per image

Important Note: If an image(s) is selected for bus shelter installation, the artist will be notified via e-mail from staff at PCNW with instructions on submitting final files, deadlines, etc… Final image files must adhere to these guidelines:

• Images must conform to a panoramic format, 4:1 frame ratio (final size for printing will be 95.25″ x 23.5″, keep in mind when resizing for initial submission(s)
• Minimum pixels accepted: 7200px x 1800px, may be larger.
• You are encouraged to also submit an artist’s statement, excerpts of which may be used alongside the publication of images. If images do not fit either submission or final file criteria, the images will not be considered.
• Each file must be titled with the photographer’s name, and the title of the image. (Example: John Smith_Untitled.jpg)


All entries must be entered into CaFE by October 29, 2017, 10:59 PM Pacific Time, Seattle, WA. Submissions that do not come through CaFE will not be accepted. Click here for submission.


The entry fee is $20 for 5 images. You may submit additional images for $5 each up to 10 total. You may submit an artist’s statement with your entry. Payment must be in U.S. Dollars. Entry fees are non-refundable.


All artists will be notified by CaFE about selected and non-selected images for the project in mid December, 2017. Further instructions will be emailed through CaFE about submitting final files. Once the project goes into production, images are installed into bus shelters over a year long period.

we are proud to announce the following selected artists for city panorama 2017

A.J. Zelada, Alexander Ryckman, Alice Becker, Ann Pallesen, Annabel Clark, Anne Jeffery, Beth Shepherd, Brian Buck, Christopher Hearne, Constance Brinkley, Corey Arnold, Daniel Osborne, Diana Scheel, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Elizabeth Bourne, Eva Lundahl, Glenn Nelson, Hal Gage, Javier Flores Cervantes, Jeff Blucher, Jennie Castle, Jennifer Zwick, Jill Maguire, Joel Askey, John Mackenzie, John Lund, John Pohl, John Kane, Julie Gottesman, Karen Cohen, Kelli Connell, Kevin Lisota, Kim Campbell, Lauren Max, Lisa Briand, Lorraine Turci, Marilyn Montufar, Mark Dierker, Matt Below, Matthew Koroulis, Melinda Hurst Frye, Michael Callaghan, Mike Carper, Monica Scott, Montana Cole, Neil Berkowitz, Patti Travers,Paul Osborne & Catherine Davis, Pauline Smith, Pernille Westh, Peter Bill, Peter Mackenzie-Helnwein, Robbie Kaye, Robin Carter, Sandy Carson, Stanley Mandell, Stephanie Rossi, Teri Akin, Terie Bednarski, Timothy Barney, Todd Bradley, Tom Finke, Tom Reese, Youth in Focus Students: Ariana, Ben, Fela, Lucy, & Unknown

Adam Jabari, Jefferson in Solidarity Against Police Brutality, Black Lives Matter


Questions? Contact Ann Pallesen, Partnerships Manager, PCNW apallesen@pcnw.org
206)720-7222 ext. 11

Header image by: Carrie Yuan, Underwater Swim, City Panorama 2016