From 22nd Juried Exhibition, Photo credits: Top Row, L to R: Adair Rutledge, Jenna Mulhall-Brereton, Shawn Records, Nate Gowdy. Bottom Row, L to R: Marta Wapiennik, Craig Schwanfelder, Zhiqiang Ma, Annette LeMay Burke.


JURORS: Conor Risch, PDN Senior Editor + Lara Behnert, Starbucks Senior Manager, Creative

January 17 – March 14, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 17
Members Preview & Tour 5:30PM | Public Opening 6PM

PCNW is proud to present the 22nd Juried Exhibition, one of the most anticipated shows in our gallery program. A wide range of visually rich images were selected from artists across the world: 341 artists—representing 32 states and 8 countries—submitted 2,250 images. Jurors Conor Risch and Lara Behnert chose images from 47 individuals to be included in the exhibition.

exhibiting artists

Paul Adams (Lindon, UT), Elizabeth Albert (Belmont, MA), John Armstrong (Seattle, WA), David Bartlett (Farmington Hills, MI), Constance Brinkley (Seattle, WA), Annette LeMay Burke (San Jose, CA), Lynae Cook (Seattle, WA), Jo Cosme (Seattle, WA), Mark Daughhetee (Seattle, WA), Marcus DeSieno (Ellensburg, WA), Sean Du (Pasedena, CA), Simrah Farrukh (Los Angeles, CA),  Wm Daniel File (Manchester, MO), Hal Gage (Anchorage, AK), David Gardner (San Francisco, CA), Jennifer Garza-Cuen (Reno, NV), Daniel George (Vineyard, UT), Brian Goodman (Port Townsend, WA), Julie Gottesman (Kirkland, WA), Nate Gowdy (Seattle, WA), Rebecca Greenfield (Brooklyn, NY), Tatiana Gulenkina (San Francisco, CA), Zackery Hobler (Toronto, Canada), Janet Holmes (Toronto, Canada), Qian Jin (Beijing, China), Brian Kosoff (Portland, OR), Harini Krishnamurthy (Issaquah, WA), Keith Livers (Austin, TX), Zhiqiang Ma (Seattle, WA), Miles MacClure (Berkeley, CA), Mia McNeal (Kent, WA), Joseph Meacham (Cape May Court House, NJ), Julie Mihaly (Poughkeepsie, NY), Marilyn Montufar (Seattle, WA), Emmanuel Monzon (Bellevue, WA), Jenna Mulhall-Brereton (Oreland, PA), Annie Musselman (Seattle, WA), Kelly O (Seattle, WA), Shawn Records (Portland, OR), Serrah Russell (Seattle, WA), Adair Rutledge (Seattle, WA), Michael Schulz (Redmond, WA), Craig Schwanfelder (Santa Cruz, CA), Mukul Soman (Kirkland, WA), Jody Poorwill (Tacoma, WA), Marta Wapiennik (Cracow, Poland), Kiliii Yuyan (Seattle, WA)


Lara Behnert is the senior manager of Starbucks Creative Studio where she leads the global art program for Starbucks, helping to evolve store design and develop the company’s brand expression. Her background is in creative directions and design for magazines, brands, and worthy causes. Lara is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, has spent many years in New York City, and currently lives in Seattle.

Conor Risch is Senior Editor of Photo District News (PDN) and PDNOnline.com, the award-winning monthly magazine and website for professional photographers, and he has worked with professional photographers for more than 15 years. He is editor of PDN’s monthly “Exposures” column, which features photographers’ new books, exhibitions and personal projects, and he is also co-editor of the annual PDN’s 30 special issue and website focused on emerging photographers


Conor’s 1st place pick = $500
Lara’s 1st place pick = $500
Audience choice pick = $250

Awards and honorable mentions were chosen by Conor Risch and Lara Behnert and announced at the opening reception on Thursday, January 17.  First place awards will receive $500 cash. After viewing the exhibition, visitors will also have the opportunity to vote for the People’s Choice Award and the winner will receive $250 cash.


1st Place Awards
Mark Daughhetee
Kiliii Yuyan

Honorable Mentions
Paul Adams
Elizabeth Albert
Julie Gottesman
Nate Gowdy
Rebecca Greenfield
Zachary Hobler
Mia McNeal
Julie Mihaly
Jody Poorwill
Adair Rutledge
Craig Schwanfelder
Mukul Soman

People’s Choice
Mia McNeal


1995 – Duane Michals, Artist
1996 – Joyce Tenneson, Artist
1997 – Jock Sturges, Artist and Trevor Fairbrother, Curator, Seattle Art Museum
1998 – Keith Carter, Artist
1999 – Linda Connor, Artist, Educator
2001 – Chien-Chi Chang, Photographer, Magnum Photos
2002 – Michael Kenna, Artist
2003 – Anne Wilkes Tucker, Curator, Museum of Fine Art Houston
2004 – Roy Flukinger, Curator, Harry Ransom Center
2005 – Mary Virginia Swanson, Consultant, Educator, MVS
2006 – Paul Kopeikin, Paul Kopeikin Gallery
2007 – Charlotte Cotton, Curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
2008 – Rod Slemmons, Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography
2009 – Jen Bekman, Jen Bekman Gallery, 20×200
2010 – Denise Wolff, Editor, Aperture
2011 – Karen Irvine, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Photography
2012 – W.M. Hunt, Collector and Curator
2013 – John A. Bennette, Collector and Curator
2014 – Whitney C. Johnson, Director of Photography, The New Yorker
2015 – Julia Dolan, Minor White Curator of Photography, Portland Art Museum
2017 – Sandra S. Phillips, Curator Emeritus, SF MOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)


1995 – James Soe Nyun
1996 – Phil Borges
1997 – Trina Kyounghui Yi-Weston
1998 – Lisa Hohlfeld
1999 – Frank Noelker
2001 – Sarah Oehl
2002 – Nanette Vinson
2003 – (tie) Cat Gwynn & Patricia Sandler
2004 – Dennis Chamberlin
2005 – Peter de Lory
2006 – Joelle Jensen
2007 – Sung Jin Park
2008 – Sally Ketcham
2009 – James Luckett
2010 – Adam Satushek
2011 – Laura Plageman
2012 – Lauren Marsolier
2013 – Tuan Cao
2014 – Alejandra Carles-Tolra
2015 – Meike J. Paniza
2017 – Hiroyo Kaneko

Header image photo credits: Top Row, L to R: Adair Rutledge, Jenna Mulhall-Brereton, ShawnRecords, Nate Gowdy. Bottom Row, L to R: Marta Wapiennik, Craig Schwanfelder, Zhiqiang Ma, Annette LeMay Burke.