Lesley Low


Hi, I’m Lesley: a scientist, engineer, photographer, dog lover, kayaker, and Washingtonian. My passion for photography was sparked in high school and college, which grew deeper while traveling around the world documenting my adventure with my 25-year-old 35mm camera. This culminated in a Certificate in 2018 from Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, Washington. One of the things I love about photography is that it allows me to utilize my science background to achieve what I want in my images. I love the varied textures found in all sorts of items: tree bark, cacti, old machines, and the aging pipes and wiring in the basement of my mid-century house. I am keenly interested in showing off the beauty in all things, especially things that most people would just walk on by and not notice (or pass off as ugly). I predominately shoot locally in Seattle and the surrounding areas. I have a dog named Kevin Bacon who patiently waits outside my photography studio while I work.

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