Chloe Collyer

Chloe Collyer - faculty at Photographic Center Northwest

Chloe Collyer (they/them/Chloe) is a documentary photographer, photo educator, and 5th-gen Seattleite whose work is deeply connected to the history and marginalized communities of the PNW. This photographer’s work focuses on the intersections of race, art, and LGBTQI culture and for 10 years Chloe has photographed the Black Lives Matter movement and many other social justice causes. Chloe’s most recent project documenting youth activism will be published soon.

An alumni of Youth in Focus, PCNW, and Seattle Central’s Commercial Photography Program, Chloe has spent more than 15 years behind the camera, working as a photojournalist, events photographer, sports photographer, photo editor and camera technician. [If you recognize Chloe it may be because you visited CameraTechs during the Chloe years.]

For the past decade Chloe has taught photography to students of all ages, mostly working with youth 10-18 years old.

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