Brian Van Lau


Brian Van Lau (b.1996, Honolulu, HI) is an Asian-American photographer based in Seattle, WA. In 2023, he was a runner-up for the Aperture Portfolio Prize, a selected participant in the New York Times Portfolio Review, was awarded the Innovate Grant, and most recently his work was exhibited at the Hō‘ikeākea Gallery in Honolulu, HI and lectured at the Northwind Art School in Port Townsend, WA. He was shortlisted for a Lucie Scholarship, a finalist for Photolucida’s Critical Mass, shortlisted for the Open Doors Photo Prize, and a winner of the Urbanautica Institute Awards. His work has been published in Aperture, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Der Greif, Booooooom and many more. In 2022, he founded Arcanite Pictures, a platform dedicated to highlighting emerging photographic artists. His work is about searching for fictitious evidence.

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