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Past Artist Fellowship Recipients


What is it?

The Photo Center is committed to providing a home and resources for photographers. The Artist Printing Fellowship provides free hourly printing in B&W, or digital to selected artists to complete an already conceptualized project or project-in-process. Each year, Photo Center Gallery Advisory Committee will choose at least 2 artists to participate in the fellowship. Artists in the program may print at the Photo Center for 100 hours, without the hourly charge. The artist must already know how to print in whichever lab he/she is using. If the artist chooses the digital lab for their project, the printing hours will be free, however, ink fees still apply at 4 cents per square inch. Artists must supply their own paper in all labs.

Program Benefits:

Critique and editing advice is available from members of our gallery committee as new work is produced. Upon completion of the printing fellowship each artist will have a closing review with the Gallery Director, Ann Pallesen, to talk about showcasing the work the following year at the Photo Center. The artists will be contracted to talk about their work as visiting artists in Photo Center classes. The Gallery Director will also work with the artist in choosing an image from the exhibition to include in the Photo Center Print Collection. Images in the collection can be used for future exhibition possibilities or may be used in a Photo Center auction fundraising event.

Submission Guidelines

Submit a short description (one page or less) of a project that can be completed or significantly advanced in a six-month period through printing at Photo Center NW, including the project’s genesis and focus, the artist’s goal in making the work, and what the artist intends to accomplish with the printing time.

Artist must note which lab they are applying for. (Digital/BW).

Artist name and contact information at the top of this description.

Submit an existing print portfolio of 10-15 images in a box or 10-15 jpgs burned on a CD, formatted for a PC.

The jpgs should be approximately 10 inches on the longest side and 72 ppi.

Artist name on the CD, and contact information on the CD Cover & Envelope.

There is a $10 entry submission fee.

Deadline: May 10, 2013

Past Artist Fellowship Recipients

Mo Costello 2012
Zachary Burns 2012
Chip Rountree 2011
Kristin Giordano 2011
Ella Morton 2010
Kristen Imig 2009
John Trela 2009
Janel Swangstu 2008
Judy Allen 2007
Airyka Rockefeller 2007
Molly Landreth 2007
Carey Denniston 2007
Andrew Hida 2007
Paul Rucker 2007
Sergey Kushnarev 2007
Annie Marie Musselman 2005
Erika Langley 2005
Caroline Planque  2005
Nealy Blau 2004
Tim Matsui
Christian French
Neil Lucas
Harriet Sanderson
Jennifer McNichols
Jeffrey Netz
Judy Blankenship


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