Latitude 47 | Inaugural Issue
Latitude 47 | Inaugural Issue

The Pacific Northwest has often been thought of as a remote outpost, far removed from the country’s cultural centers. But perhaps its geographic location fosters a sense of rugged individualism that has been a catalyst for the region; it increasingly pulsates with vibrant creative energy from tech and innovation to architecture, design, and fashion. And the same is true with contemporary photographic practice.

Contributors include Glenn Rudolph, Serrah Russell, Susan Robb, and Cahn Nguyen. Edited by Eirik Johnson and Michelle Dunn Marsh



In an effort to highlight this energy, we have launched Latitude 47 as an annual publication produced by Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW), featuring artists in the region whose photographic work deserves visibility far and wide.  For our inaugural issue, we’ve selected four individuals of a variety of ages, educational backgrounds, and visual approaches. While we didn’t set out with a central theme in mind, it quickly became clear that each has a strong relationship with landscape and the elemental world.


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