Zachary Burns

Coal Creek, 2013 from the series “Footprints of Water” 

Gelatin silver print

19.5 x 16.5 inches, framed to 20.5 x 17.5 inches

Edition 1 of 1

Retail value $400

© and courtesy Zachary Burns

“Footprints of Water” is an abstract documentary project that explores a different view of water and our interactions with it. The images are created by evaporating 1 milliliter water samples in sheets of glass. The material that forms the spots is the non-volatile contaminants that were in the water. The term “contaminants,” in this case, is not necessarily a negative term; it only means things that are not water.

Zachary Burns is a photographer who is based out of the small town of Carnation near Seattle, Washington. Born in 1991 he took up photography at a young age when he realized that he couldn’t draw. While attending Bellevue College, Zachary was introduced to the darkroom and began to develop his interest in exploring the tendencies and limits of the medium. On transferring to Seattle University he was able to continue following this interest and received a printing sponsorship from the Photographic Center Northwest to expand and explore his project “Footprints of Water.” He received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography from Seattle University in 2013. In his spare time Zachary is employed as a web developer.

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