Karen Huntt Mason

Nun with Gulliver, Galway Bay, Ireland, 1988

Chromogenic print

16 x 20 inches, framed to 17 x 21 inches

Retail value $500

© and courtesy Karen Huntt Mason

Serendipity met humor as a small group of touring nuns out for a day at the beach were surprised by a giant statue of Gulliver set up for a local film crew. Actors mingled with nuns, children, and musicians. All and sundry played around the giant character as if it was the most natural sight in the world. The nun appears to be attempting to communicate with Gulliver, by staring into its ear, perhaps waiting for a sign of recognition.

Karen Huntt Mason is an artist and photographer with a deep background in photojournalism, art history, and ecommerce marketing operations. She began her photojournalism career at The Colorado Springs Sun, worked at the National Geographic Society as photo editor, then moved on to lead the photo editing team that built the world’s first digital image archive, Bill Gates’ Corbis.

Karen co-produced and co-led an officially sanctioned Explorers Club expedition to Papua New Guinea, reprising the journey of two women artists from the 1930s. She is the former Western Region chapter president of the American Society of Picture Professionals, and a former board member of Seattle’s Youth in Focus. She was a member of the National Press Photographers Association from 1976 through 2019.

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