Experience Peru or Colombia through a Photographic or Culinary Tour

Discover the beauty of Peru or Colombia through photography and food in a comprehensive guided trip. PCNW Board member, Adam L. Weintraub, invites you and a guest on one of his professionally hosted tours to Peru or Colombia traveling with PhotoExperience tour company, bringing more than 20 years of experience. Adam’s programs are designed specifically for travelers who enjoy photography, food and culture. For the photographic tours, those with more experience can offer insights to the less experienced; and the more advanced can work individually within the framework created for each unique trip. This fosters a multi-layered and rewarding experience for all. Personal connections, collective experiences and local knowledge open doors and invite you to create experiences which few others have access to. Guests eat exceptionally with local flavors from inspiring chefs along the way. There is an unrivaled ethnic and cultural pride present in festivals, markets and everyday street activity. The colors and textures of everyday life – and, yes, some of the expected standards like Machu Picchu or Cartagena are always required, and worth it. A unique way to visit or see these places is present with our every step.

Winning guests choose their destination, Peru or Colombia. Trips are typically 11-14 days and include all land-based costs (hotels, entry fees, transfers, guides, and most meals) upon arrival. Winning guests must share a room. Adam’s PhotoExperience tours aren’t promoted or publicized online, so this is a curated, exclusive travel opportunity. Expires December 31, 2025. *Airfare is not included; guests must arrive at the starting city on their own.

Package value: $12,000

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