Audiophile Package

Barsuk Records, a Seattle-based independent record label established in 1998, has a noteworthy discography of music that spans across many genres from a diverse set of artists. Barsuk has a  reputation for releasing consistently good recordings for the past 25 years, while still remaining contemporary and relevant. This package includes 13 records, posters, slip mat, and a tote bag. 

Enjoy your records with a record player and speaker provided by Hawthorne Stereo. A long-standing audio supply store, Hawthorne Stereo is one of the best in the business when it comes to audio equipment. Hawthorne is providing a Rega Plana 1 Plus Turntable, and Sonos Era 100 wireless speaker to get your tunes sounding nice and clear. Massive sound! 

Package Value: $1400

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