Reverberation: PCNW’s 25th Juried Exhibition

JURORS: Jennifer L. Stoots, certified photography appraiser and photo historian; and Liza Faktor, curator and creative producer

April 7 – June 5, 2022


Online Lecture: Thursday, May 12, 6pm PDT
Magnificent Mentors: Luminaries of photographic education and their extraordinary students

Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures. — Don McCullin

How do you capture a vibration? The continual resonance of events of the last two years is felt in ways that are subtle, not always seen. For the silver anniversary of Photographic Center Northwest’s (PCNW) juried exhibition, we will exhibit work from 40 selected artists that reflect the reverberations that have had such a dramatic effect on our lives, culture, and politics. This year’s esteemed jurors are Jennifer L. Stoots, certified photography appraiser and photo historian; and Liza Faktor, curator and creative producer.

  • Ebenezer Galluzzo
  • Elizabeth Shawaker
  • Lauren Wilcox


Neil Berkowitz (Seattle, WA)
David Blow (Hickory Creek, TX)
Amy Broderick (Jupiter, FL)
Ronald Butler (New York, NY)
Mark Coggins (San Francisco, CA)
Jo Cosme (Seattle, WA)
Teela DeLeon (Olympia, WA)
Paloma Dooley (Los Angeles, CA)
Erica Frisk (Somerville, MA)
Ebenezer Galluzzo (Portland, OR)
Rheana Gardner (Cedar City, UT)
Jayn Goldsen (Clinton, WA)
Paul Gravett (New Westminster, BC, Canada)
Meg Griffiths (Denton, TX)
Josh Hobson (Spokane, WA)
Melinda Hurst Frye (Kenmore, WA)
Jill Inbar (Brooklyn, NY)
Erica Jones (San Jose, CA)
Richard K Kent (Lancaster, PA)
Sarah D King (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Harini Krishnamurthy (Issaquah, WA)
Julia Kuskin (Seattle, WA)
Daniel Leka (Los Angeles, CA)
Kim Llerena (Washington, DC)
Valerie McKinley (Bothell, WA)
Helynn Ospina (Santa Cruz, CA)
Alana Perino (Providence, RI)
Janet Politte (Bellevue, WA)
Jennifer Pritchard (Laguna Beach, CA)
Andy Reynolds (Seattle, WA)
Gregory Schaffer (Burien, WA)
Elizabeth Shawaker (Toledo, OH)
Nicholas Shiflet (Seattle, WA)
Mike Vos (Portland, OR)
Karey Walter (Marietta, GA)
Dawn Watson (Hastings on Hudson, NY)
Lauren Wilcox (Seattle, WA)
Sam Wrigglesworth (Beaverton, OR)
Jean-Marc Yersin (Blonay, Switzerland)
David Zentz (Los Angeles, CA)


Jennifer L. Stoots, AAA, has been working in the museum and gallery industry for 28 years, in the photography marketplace for 24 years, and has been appraising documentary & fine art photographs, photographic archives, and contemporary art for just shy of 20 years. In addition to her art appraisal work, she lectures on the economic history of fine art & the photography market and participates in public presentations centered around legacy and estate planning strategies for artists & photographers. She has also written articles about the process and methodologies of appraisal valuations, as relates to photographs and photographic archives, and has a keen interest in the (extraordinary) benefits of integrated arts education. She is also a photo historian and has a series dedicated to photography history on social media. (Instagram call sign: stoots.jennifer)

Stoots received her Master’s degree in the History of Art & Design from Pratt Institute (2013) and her Bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Oregon (1994). The trajectory of her career took shape when she worked at the S K Josefsberg Studio in Portland (1998 – 2004), managing the photography gallery and sales. In 2002, Stoots acquired her appraising credentials from NYU’s Appraisal Studies Program for Fine and Decorative Arts and she is Certified in Photography by the Appraisers Association of America (AAA).

Liza Faktor is a creative producer, curator and artist. She is a producing partner at Vessel art+film production collective. In her career that spans twenty five years she has curated over 20 exhibitions and programs on the intersection of photography, video art, performance and technology – in the US, the UK, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, UAE, and Russia. She has produced award-winning visual documentary projects with artists and filmmakers. She is a recipient of the Howard Chapnick prize for advancement of photojournalism (2002 and 2016). She was a jury member of the World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest (2014 and 2017).


1st place = $750 cash, $100 Think Tank gift certificate, BlackRapid camera sling (Sport Breathe), Aperture subscription, PCNW membership

2nd place = $250 cash, $75 Think Tank gift certificate, BlackRapid camera sling (RS-4 Classic Retro), Holga camera & film, PCNW membership

3rd place = BlackRapid camera sling (Cross Shot), $50 Think Tank gift certificate, Holga camera & film, photography monograph, PCNW membership

People’s Choice Award* = Photography Grab Bag (Holga camera, film, photography monograph, PCNW membership)

*In-person voting for the People’s Choice Award is now open and the winner will be announced June 6th, 2022.


1st place
Mike Vos

2nd place
Paloma Dooley

3rd place
Gregory Schaffer

Honorable Mentions
Daniel Leka
Andy Reynolds
Karey Walter

People’s Choice Award
Jo Cosme



1995 – Duane Michals, Artist
1996 – Joyce Tenneson, Artist
1997 – Jock Sturges, Artist and Trevor Fairbrother, Curator, Seattle Art Museum
1998 – Keith Carter, Artist
1999 – Linda Connor, Artist, Educator
2001 – Chien-Chi Chang, Photographer, Magnum Photos
2002 – Michael Kenna, Artist
2003 – Anne Wilkes Tucker, Curator, Museum of Fine Art Houston
2004 – Roy Flukinger, Curator, Harry Ransom Center
2005 – Mary Virginia Swanson, Consultant, Educator, MVS
2006 – Paul Kopeikin, Paul Kopeikin Gallery
2007 – Charlotte Cotton, Curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
2008 – Rod Slemmons, Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography
2009 – Jen Bekman, Jen Bekman Gallery, 20×200
2010 – Denise Wolff, Editor, Aperture
2011 – Karen Irvine, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Photography
2012 – W.M. Hunt, Collector and Curator
2013 – John A. Bennette, Collector and Curator
2014 – Whitney C. Johnson, Director of Photography, The New Yorker
2015 – Julia Dolan, Minor White Curator of Photography, Portland Art Museum
2017 – Sandra Phillips, Curator Emeritus, SF MOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)
2018 – Conor Risch, PDN Senior Editor + Lara Behnert, Starbucks Senior Manager, Creative
2020 – Kris Graves, photographer and publisher, Kris Graves Projects
2021 – Shamim M. Momin, Director of Curatorial Affairs at The Henry Art Gallery


1995 – James Soe Nyun
1996 – Phil Borges
1997 – Trina Kyounghui Yi-Weston
1998 – Lisa Hohlfeld
1999 – Frank Noelker
2001 – Sarah Oehl
2002 – Nanette Vinson
2003 – (tie) Cat Gwynn and Patricia Sandler
2004 – Dennis Chamberlin
2005 – Peter de Lory
2006 – Joelle Jensen
2007 – Sung Jin Park
2008 – Sally Ketcham
2009 – James Luckett
2010 – Adam Satushek
2011 – Laura Plageman
2012 – Lauren Marsolier
2013 – Tuan Cao
2014 – Alejandra Carles-Tolra
2015 – Meike J. Paniza, Sparks
2017 – Hiroyo Kaneko
2018 – Mark Daughhetee and Kiliii Yuyan
2020 – Jon Henry
2021 – Lamar Graham