Image detail credits: L to R: 2019 Thesis Graduates: Gabriela Cociuba, Elisabeth Vasquez Hein, Selena Kearney, Sarah D. King, and James Kuan

2019 Thesis Exhibition:

Gabriela Cociuba, Elisabeth Vasquez Hein, Selena Kearney, Sarah D. King, and James Kuan


June 27 – August 18, 2019

Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) is pleased to present our 2019 Thesis Exhibition, celebrating this year’s graduates of the Certificate Program: Gabriela Cociuba, Elisabeth Vasquez Hein, Selena Kearney, Sarah D. King, and James Kuan. This exhibition marks not only the culmination of the 53-credit program, and presentation of a year-long project for these individuals, but introduces a new generation of Northwest artists.

The PCNW Certificate Program offers a technically and creatively demanding curriculum, and the program provides instruction on par with post-baccalaureate programs in photography. During their studies, students develop their own style of photography and grow in ability to understand, appreciate, produce and critique photographic works.

Join us for their graduation reception Thursday, June 27th, 6-9pm, and an artist lecture July 11th at 6:30pm. This exhibit is on view June 27-August 18, 2019.

Gabriela Cociuba
How to Remember What Doesn’t Matter

How to Remember What Doesn’t Matter is a series that looks at the relationship between memories and space. Using a stranger’s discarded film slides in her familiar surroundings, Gabriela Cociuba fuses the two to create a mechanism for filtering consciousness.

Elisabeth Vasquez Hein
In Skin and Spirit | Sa Balat at Espiritu

As the daughter of a Filipina who left her home country for a better life, Elisabeth Vasquez Hein seeks ways to enter into conversation with her mother’s past and persona to find the seeds of her own being. While she balances Filipino and American identities, and the spaces of here and there, she creates a personal lexicon from which to understand her roots, what it means to be of diaspora, of centuries of colonization, mestizaje, ambiguity and longing.

Selena Kearney 
Trophies and Relics

Selena Kearney creates imagery that lives in the space between promise and threat.

Sarah D. King 
The Dormant Gesture

Sarah D. King’s fascination with the precarious balance between order and chaos began her search for visual density. The simplicity of the gesture that she sought was lost below layers of geometric fragmentation, construction and color. Through a distillation of visual elements she uncovers, empowers and suspends the purity of the gesture.

James Kuan
Potential Space

In human anatomy, “potential space” is the tension-heavy void that exists between two adjacent surfaces pressing up against each other. In James Kuan’s own life, a similarly complicated space exists – between his nature as an introvert and his need to be a learned extrovert. He uses photography and collage to represent this tenuous balancing act of intentional self-erasure and measured self-exposure, all while hiding in plain sight.