Workshops at the Center are

Designed to offer

+ an introduction to a subject
+ shared experiences through photography
+ a forum for exploring ideas

For practitioners as well as casual enthusiasts, workshops introduce special topics through a condensed format, and are often taught by special guests and visiting artists. PCNW offers 5-hour crash courses through 4-week workshops, with many options in between, catering to a range of interests and availability.

Individuals looking for full length foundation courses in photography, digital imaging or studio practice should consider a ten-week course from our quarterly schedule of accredited classes.

Want to take a class or workshop, but not sure how to choose? Ask the experts at pcnw@pcnw.org.

Workshops Summer 2014

Click on the course title to view complete details and descriptions for each upcoming offering.

Featured Workshops Date Tuition Instructor
Masterclass: Richard Renaldi, Strangers in Seattle Sept 13–14 |Sat–Sun 2:30–5:30pm $500 / $450 Members Richard Renaldi
Editing a Body of Work Aug 9 | Sat 12:30–5:30pm $175 / $167.50 Members Whitney C. Johnson
Youth Workshops Date Tuition Instructor
Creative Digital Photography for Teens July 21–25 | Mon–Fri 1–5pm $395 Janet Neuhauser
Creative Photography for Teens (Darkroom) July 28–Aug 1 | 1–5pm $395 Janet Neuhauser
Street Photography – Photographing Seattle’s Neighborhoods Aug 11–15 | Mon–Fri 1–5pm $395 Carina del Rosario
PCNW Workshops at Seafair Date Tuition Instructor
Aerial Photography  Fri or Sat or Sun | Aug 1-3, 8 am–6 pm $250 PCNW Faculty
F1 Boats and Air Show Aug 2 | Sat 2:45–4:15 pm $150 PCNW Faculty
Night Photography Aug 2 | Sat 9:00–10:30 pm $150 PCNW Faculty
Seafair Weekend Sunrise Walk Aug 3 | Sun 5:00–7:00 am $150 PCNW Faculty
Unlimited Hydroplane Photography Aug 3 | Sun 9:30–11:00 am $150 PCNW Faculty
Wakeboard Photography Aug 3 | Sun 2:30–4:00 pm $150 PCNW Faculty
Crash Courses Date Tuition Instructor
Crash Course in Black & White Film Photography See course description for workshop dates $135 / $121.50 Members Gina White, Tara Champion, Joseph Freeman & Staff
Crash Course in Black and White Printing (Darkroom) See course description for workshop dates $135 / $121.50 Members Tara Champion, Jessica Ishmael, Gina White & Staff
Crash Course in Digital SLR Photography See course description for workshop dates $135 / $121.50 Members Dan Hawkins, Patricia Ridenour, Zorn Taylor & Staff
Crash Course in Adobe Photoshop See course description for workshop dates $135 / $121.50 Members Carlos Bayne, Josh Poehlein, Nick Shepard & Staff
Crash Course: Photographing in Natural Light See course description for workshop dates $135 / $121.50 Members Rosanne Olson, Patricia Ridenour, Julia Pulliam & Staff
Digital Media Date Tuition Instructor
Lightroom Bootcamp Aug 4 - 8 | Mon - Fri 12-5pm $445 / $400.50 Members Nick Shepard
Ideas & Practice Date Tuition Instructor
Digital Negatives and Analog Printing Aug 8–10 & 16–17 | Fri 3-9pm, Sat & Sun 12:30-5:30 pm $700 / $630 Members (includes materials fees) Daniel Gregory
Introduction to Large Format Photography July 19 - 20 | Sat & Sun 12-5pm $350 / $315 Members Phillip Carpenter
Conservation Photography June 24 - July 22 | Tue 6-9pm CANCELED Tara Champion
Tutoring & Individual Instruction Date Tuition Instructor
One-on-one Tutoring – Digital Lab Ongoing appointments $40/hr Juan Aguilera