Students Choose Photo Center NW

For Many Reasons:

Our ten-week classes are taught by artists and professionals with a passion for teaching and the photographic arts.

Limited to 12 students, each course provides technical training, supports artistic expression and growth, and prepares students with essential skills for the sustained study and practice of photography. Most classes are held in the evening, which gives flexibility to professionals or parents. While many students choose to take individual courses or sequences, anyone can apply for our nationally accredited Certificate Program and work to complete a rigorous program of classes that has launched numerous careers in the photographic arts.

Those interested in taking an introductory weekend course, learning a new piece of equipment or software, or unable to commit to a ten-week class are encouraged to browse our workshop offerings.

For all 10-week classes, students should expect to spend several hours per week on assignments. Students receive steeply discounted rates for rental of the PCNW darkroom, digital lab and studio spaces to complete assignments outside of class (see the Hours/Rates page for a list of rental rates). Before registering, please read the course descriptions in their entirety to ensure that you satisfy any prerequisites. Students who have completed equivalent coursework elsewhere or learned equivalent skills through experience may ask to have prerequisites waived. Contact the Registrar for details. View our Students page for more information and resources for students.

Winter Quarter: January 4 – March 18, 2016

Scholarship Application Deadline: November 5, 2015 (Apply Online)

Click on the class title to view complete course details and links to register.

Core Classes (Winter Quarter) Date Tuition Instructor
Photography I: Black and White Jan 7 - Mar 10 (Thu 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Gina White
Photography I: Digital Jan 4 - Mar 14 (Mon 6-9pm $700 | $630 Members Janet Neuhauser
Digital Imaging I: Photoshop Fundamentals Jan 7 - Mar 10 (Thu 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Zorn Taylor
Photography II: Black and White Jan 5 - Mar 8 (Tue 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Tara Champion
Photography II: Digital Jan 5 - Mar 8 (Tue 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Keeara Rhoades
Contemporary Color Jan 5 - Mar 8 (Tue 6–9pm) $700 | $630 Members Daniel Gregory
Light Control Basics Jan 5 - Mar 8 (Tue 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Roseanne Olson
Junior Seminar Jan 4 - Mar 14 (Mon 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Dr. Elizabeth A. Brown
Thesis Jan 6 - Mar 9 (Wed 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Keeara Rhoades
Electives (Winter Quarter) Date Tuition Instructor
Digital Imaging II: Advanced Photoshop Jan 6 - Mar 9 (Wed 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Juan Aguilera
Hitchcock Lessons in Suspense Jan 6 - Mar 9 (Wed 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Cynthia Hartwig & Rosanne Olson
Introduction to Video Jan 7 - Mar 10 (Thu 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Tara Champion
Longing: Exploring Notions of Beauty and the Sublime Jan 5 - Mar 8 (Tue 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Erin Elyse Burns
Silver & Platinum Printing with Digital Negatives Jan 6 - Mar 9 (Wed 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Daniel Gregory & Gina White
The Photo Book Jan 6 - Mar 9 (Wed 6-9pm) $700 | $630 Members Eirik Johnson