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work at the photo center using these resources for current students.


PCNW Facilities Now Open on Mondays 5-9pm (through August 11 for summer 2014)
Aug 18: PCNW will be closed on Mondays until the start of Fall Quarter (begins Sep 24)
Aug 19 – 29: Reduced Hours / PCNW Open 2-8pm
Aug 30 – Sep 9: PCNW CLOSED – Summer Break
Sep 10 – 11: Reduced Hours / PCNW Open 2-8pm
Sep 12: PCNW returns to normal business hours

Quarterly Schedule, Registration Deadlines & Grades

Summer Quarter 2014: June 23 – August 15
>> Registration Deadline: June 6, 2014
>> Scholarship Application Deadline: May 30, 2014

Fall Quarter 2014: September 24 – December 12
>> Registration Deadline: August 23, 2014
>> Scholarship Application Deadline: August 8, 2014

Winter Quarter 2015: January 5 – March 20, 2015
>> Registration Deadline: December 3, 2014
>> Scholarship Application Deadline: TBA

Spring Quarter 2015: March 30 – June 12, 2015
>> Registration Deadline: February 28, 2015
>> Scholarship Application Deadline: TBA

Grades are mailed one week after the last day of the quarter.

Student Handbook Student Rental Rates Scholarship Program
The Student Handbook contains information about facilities, safety procedures, equipment use, and references policies relevant to current students. Many courses necessitate the purchase of additional lab or darkroom time. Check out our current student rental rates to see what works best for you. We offer need-based scholarships to cover full or partial class tuition. Download an application or contact the Scholarship Committee for more info.
Facilities Rental Handbook 2013-2014 (PDF) Student Rental Rates (Hours/Rate page) Scholarship Program 2014 (PDF)
Digital Printing Service Private Instruction Digital Tutoring
Submit files for next day prints to be picked up at our front desk, but first read the guidelines and rates for digital prints. Working on a special project or need help in a specific area? We can arrange private instruction with one of our faculty. One-on-one tutoring in our digital lab is a great way to get help with digital printing projects, or just learn your way around Photoshop CS5.
Digital Printing and Scanning Service (PDF) Private Instruction Program (PDF) Contact our front desk.
(206) 720-7222 x10
Library & Resources Submit Student Work Registrar Requests
The Photo Center has a reference library. Students enrolled in the Certificate Program should make use of regional libraries for research work related to photographic practice. Learn more here. We would love to include your work in our quarterly publication. Send us digital files and include your name, the title of the image, and what class (if any) the photo was for. Need to request an official transcript or schedule an advising appointment?
Library & Resources Info Submit your work! Contact Jennifer Brendicke