PCNW’s digital printing facilities are equipped to help you achieve the highest quality of archival digital printing for any job, big or small. There are different ways to meet your printing needs. You can:

Print it yourself

After a short orientation you are able to use our labs yourself. Our labs are equipped with a volunteer monitor who can help you troubleshoot, but please note that monitors are not there to instruct you or do the printing for you. We strongly recommend taking a class, workshop, crash course, or private instruction. Pricing is determined by how much paper, ink, and time is used—see our rates here. You’re welcome to bring your own paper, PCNW’s paper options are matte, semi-gloss, and glossy.

The approximate cost of printing yourself is:
General public: $14.20/sq ft
PCNW Members: $12.20/sq ft
Become a member today!

printing service

Let our in-house printing expert do the work! Juan Aguilera is a veteran printer with decades of experience dating back to his days in pre-press. Juan can handle any job, big or small, and have it ready for you to pick up.  The cost of this service is approximately $30/sq ft. 


Whether you need some guidance on choosing a paper, want to walk through the printing process with a professional, or print and entire exhibition with help by your side, our printing consultations are designed to meet your needs. Click here to view the PDF with each option.


Our Facilities

Advanced media lab:

This lab contains Macs with more RAM and processing power to handle larger scans, larger print files, and video.  This lab is dedicated to the most critical and exacting tasks in photo media and includes:

  • 8 calibrated iMac’s running OS C Mountain Lion, Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom 5, and Adobe Premier Pro video editing software.
  • Epson 4800 printer with matte black ink [prints up to 17″ wide]
  • Epson 4900 printer with photo black ink [prints up to 17″ wide]
  • Epson 7800 printer with photo black ink [prints up to 24″ wide]
  • Epson 9800 printer with matte black ink [prints up to 44” wide]
  • Epson 9800 printer with photo black ink [prints up to 44″ wide]
  • Canon IPF 8300 Matte & Photo ink [prints up to 44″ wide] **May use after training**
  • Epson 3800 Scanner
  • Epson 4990 Scanner
  • 2 Epson v750 Scanners [may use with wet-mount scanning after training]
  • 2 Nikon 4000 Scanners [slides and 35mm negatives]
  • 7 foot by 10 foot metal viewing and projection board.
    • Scanning software VueScan [No Nikon or Epson software]
  • Paper: Matte, Glossy & Luster 8.5 x 11″
  • Paper: Matte, Glossy & Luster Roll 17″, 24″ & 44″

Across the hall is our large Digital Classroom.

We hold classes in Photoshop, digital printing, Lightroom, and many more.  This classroom includes:

  • 12 Mac stations running OS X Yosemite with Adobe Creative Cloud and Lightroom 5
  • Epson 4800 printers with photo black ink and matte black ink [prints up to 17” wide]